The game of tradeoff….everytime I am going to do revision on toefl, browsing this and that prof. I feel tired……

A larger stake and a higher risk……well, down to earth. I am not aiming at being a prof. but to an ordinary researcher in a commerical lab or a technician in a university or so…..Stable (and reasonably high) income, fixed working hour….so and so…..

Everytime when I think about what I am doing…The current path is a harsh one. Anyway, if I can get such a ticket, it is not a bad news. If I cannot, then I have no regret and I can choose whatever I ought to. Is that right?

Ought to or not ought to…..down to earth, it means whatever I can choose…..the remained choices……but not my preferred choice….right?

Well, that is what I called trade off. One played for a whole day and did not do for the revision and one will got a poor mark. (in a sense….) Maybe, I played too much in my life and thus, the choices remained for me is very limiting.

Anyway, why bother? Just have a try first, right? Even I cannot do what I want to, I tried and I will have no regret. In a sense (considering my academic results), a Mphil is too much to me…..So, I reached this point, pulled down a star from the sky and now…..I am going to pull down the moon from the sky….