Today (in fact, according to the time of HK, it should be yesterday night), I saw a hawker selling “baked egg cake” or in Cantonese translation “chicken egg boy” or “gai dai chai” (I guess on one can understand except Cantonese…). He used charcoal to bake the egg cake and used a trolley to carry everything expect money. I thought these traditional hawkers disappeared from the HK Island already. I bought one pack of backed egg cake. The hawker made the cake immediately and then I tasted the memorable snack. When I was living in Wan Chai, I used to eat baked egg cake once I saw them. In fact, I wanted to taste clipped cake (well, I have no idea if the raw materials of making the clipped cake are the same with baked egg cake), but my mother does not like it and only buy baked egg cake to me. Anyway, maybe my mother was right, clipped cake was not that good when I tasted it years later….

Nowadays, I can hardly see a hawkers in HK Island. Most of them either give up their business or rent a place for selling snacks. Maybe only those hawkers do not have money to rent a place and do not have skill in making other snacks keep on selling single snacks with trolley. Where are our traditions? What are we looking for? We always look for traditional things while, these hawkers with trolleys are an indissectible part of our traditional snack. However, for taxation, for rent, these form of business were suffocated. They were replaced with shops that sell snacks. Different type of snacks and different tastes of baked egg cake……Do we need them? Do we need different tastes such as strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, blueberry, banana….etc.? Where they sell those baked egg cake with electric heaters and re-bake the egg cake that was baked some time ago when you approach? We need a replacement or we need more choices? I am not sure whether the taste of baked egg cake from that hawker is better or not, but I am sure I would prefer to pay for this one over the one with different tastes and even, with Japanese name.

If I meet the hawker again, I could take some photo with him and his trolley if he agreed. It depends on fate. See you next time…man.