After understanding the principle of happiness and the consequence of being unhappy as well as the inevitability of our high expectation and uncontrollable outcome of what we can achieve. How can we always be happy?


The first thing is to understand and accept the principle and emotion, it benefits us more than harms us. The second thing is to acting indifference to our expectation after we know the result. Commonly, it is rephrased to positive thinking, however, being indifference to the expectation and outcome is different to think positive. Think positive is backward rationalization of result, lower the expectation of outcome and thus, attaining fulfillment.


Being indifference to the expectation and outcome is being an observer of any event in life. You are the leading character of life and in the same time the observer of life. As the leading character, you have passion and energy to work and live your life, you will be happy if you achieve what you want. As the observer, you do not care about the outcome of anything happening to “you” as it does not affect the internal you as a whole. The internal you always satisfy who “you” are.


So, is it split personality? It does not matter. Being happy is no longer a goal or a method to you, being happy is a normal state of you and you do not care about whether it is split personality or not. As long as your integrity of personality is sustained, you do not care. If one is too egoist or if one is totally detached from the reality, one could be considered as insane!


In order to solve that, in the same time, the internal you always have to judge what is good and what is bad, what is reality and what is illusion. You can detach from expectation and outcome but not reality. Sounds easy, right?


It is not, but do not care about that! One always has to learn to be happy and it is ok to be unhappy in the process of learning. One has to understand the emotion and why one feels the unhappiness even they understand the theory. When one gets started to internalize the theory, being happy is natural. Being happy, is dangerous and requires wisdom, judgment and indifference.


Now, do you need a reason to be happy? Or you give me a reason to be unhappy.