My portable hard drive is kinda of fixed!! Amazing!!!!

I think it can be fixed totally soon and then I will copy all of my paper back into my laptop……Hopefully my laptop hard drive will not broken down at that time…….

In the morning, my supervisor asked a postdoc to phone me to phone him……He asked me to add some words for explaination on the powerpoint I gave him previously. It has to be done today ASAP. Well, I’m kinda of free for today but I wanna to play with a new toy, roller skate! Anyway, my powerpoint slides are not presenter friendly at all. Anyone has seen my presentation knows that I do not really write on the powerpoint. I have all of the stuff in my head. (I would not say memorize coz I rarely draft the speech, except my thesis defence) Most of the time (especially after I came here to Canada), I do freestyle coz it is more interesting and I always push my limit on speak and delivery. Also, understand the emotion of the audience. That is why, my powerpoint slides are not that “useful” for my supervisor and he needs some explanation on them. Indeed, my supervisor is also a freestyle presenter but you need the knowledge to do a freestyle. My stuff is “too much chemistry” to him. I have seen him present once and his present was really good. Passionate presenter and researcher I would say.

Roller skate is fun! It is the first time I play with this thing!! It seems I can skate forward slowly but I still need to control power and balance. It is not that easy. But, but everything is difficult before it is easy. I will go to the university with this in summer, no doubt!