It is the longest lab day since I have come here to Canada.

I know what she did is good to my experimental progress but the thing is I do not think we need to rush. Also, isn’t it she said that the comprehensive exam and the grant is more important at the moment? If that’s the case, why rush?

I do not want to hate research, at least before I graduate.

Well, maybe she has been brainwashed by supervisor or whatever. I have my plan on the experiments and I trust my judgement quite a lot. I believe in repeated experiments rather than just try once or twice, especially for mice.

Anyway, I do not think it is time for in vivo experiment for now. We even cannot silence the gene in vitro, what is the point of moving to in vivo? It is wastage of time.

And more importantly, we need to characterize our stuff first, but not move to in vitro before we found CNT in our solution.

Well, I know my supervisor want positive result. But positive result should be built on a solid ground!

Struggle for survival……I can understand that…….