I have no idea why.

The thing is: if you do not want to help, it is fine. But it is not good to ask the others not to help.

And what’s more, according to what has been assigned to me. I should NOT work on that. Instead, I am the one who is helping. Maybe it is not responsible coz, namely, it is my thesis project, but NO ONE can finish all this, from chemistry to biology by oneself.

I do need their help but I cannot help them out that much. It is unfair, but what can I do?

It takes time for me to learn everything. To pick up an experiment and to decode the result. Remember, I am in a lab of reporting positive result every week to the boss. Fail is not allowed.

Well, that’s why everyone is trying to act indifferent to the others’ experiments, not willing to help the others unless assigned by boss.

What can I do? Get independent and then indifference to them.

I am getting started to hate the in vivo experiments. It is not the way I should sacrifice the mice. It is sick……