AND…..worked a little bit on the RNAi stuff, paper work. Well, the 10 pages research plan……

The siRNA and miRNA are not so complicated but it is not easy to read. I do not have a solid background yet on these stuff……

It is really cool to understand a little bit of these stuff. I think I would learn how to design the siRNA myself as well. To become a gene delivery guy……I have to learn all of the aspect of gene delivery as well as gene……and the cells…..but that’s really tough…, I will have to do all these step by step.

I cannot learn everything in once, but I will have to digest it little by little.

That’s the way to learn a new stuff!

AND, I understand a little bit about miRNA for now! Is that cool?

I am not alone! My friend give me good review paper and answer my questions. That’s the power of friendship! Well, certainly, we all interested in science and sharing of science knowledge is always an enjoyment for ourself!

Sometimes, it is really exciting to tell the story and why you do something in such a way. What’s more, you find some high quality audience and give you useful feedback! This is the most exciting interaction, just like an old friend visit you and ask how’s life?

Can you imagine how cool it is?