It is not a productive day today……

Finally, we convinced my boss to finish the in vitro works first before we go to in vivo. It is a very good sign. At least, if we finish the in vitro works, we can have the data published. If the stuff is not working very well in vivo, then I can still get a paper.

Meeting with boss and work out the graph for meeting. Every minutes counts! My computer still cannot go online in the lab……I wish the customer service guy would come to fix the issue tomorrow.

Not much experiments for tomorrow! It means I would have to work on my research proposal. My boss asked me not to write too much on the background. That’s weird……What should I work on then? The research proposal should have a very good background knowledge base to justisfy why we have to work toward the goal in the way we are working, but not the others. Well, it can also be a part of my thesis too……Anyway, I am in CNTs now, so……things will become a lot easier.

I just found I have not taken any annual leave since I come to Canada. I need a balance between work and rest! Where should I go for travel???