Great letter! My fellow Canadians, I’m sure you guys are living in an unrealistic dream!

I just wonder why most Canadians drive their big car, keep buying new iphone or blackberry and live in a big luxury house! And my question here is, in the world, if anyone has a chance to do what most Canadians are doing, who won’t?

My fellow Canadians, be REALISTIC. The world does not work in the way that most scientist said: Together we can? Screw it! We want to have a better life. We want to have it and we don’t give a shit to the globe! Admit it!

In the history of Canada, there is not a single protest against on environmental policy as huge and long lasting as occupy the wall street. Most of the Canadians do not care about their job more than environment! Most people in the rest of the world care about their income but not the environment! Well, not to blame you my fellow Canadians, nothing like this has happened in the rest of the world.

What the government does is a reflection of the will of the people as a whole and lucky you guys are, you have a democratic government. If most Canadians stand up for the environment, lobby the government on the environment issue, what do you think about whatever the parties which wanna to have more seats in the parliament do? Remember, the government and political parties serve the function of not satisfying their people, but to survive and gain more power.

If you want to have a great leader who put more money in science and environmental protection without the consent of the people. It is more likely to have a Canadian Mao at the end: during the great leap, 5% of “abnormal death” of Chinese were due to his stupid policy.

Scientifically, all the problem we are facing is the problem of population: fresh water, energy, food, pollution, etc. So, the most efficient way to duel with the environment issue is to kill at least half of the population on the earth and then all of the rest are saved, at least for a while. Alternatively, send the Canadian troops to the rich countries and bombard the energy draining cities. Some of the cities like New York, Las Vegas, Tokyo, London, Paris, etc. Such that we will have the third world war and we can fight with clubs and stone in the forth one! Alright, if you think it is not humanitarian or too radical then we should choose to live in a way which maximize the efficiency of energy and everything. So, Canada, as an extremely inefficient country (consider the living style and population density), we should abandonment the current territory and move to the south part of The States or Mexico coz it just burns too much fuel during the winter! AND remember we are not going to use air-con during summer. Don’t take it personally, if you think about it scientifically.

As a chemist myself, I always care about the environment news. I was sad about G.W. Bush on the Kyoto protocol but anyway not a single country including Canada, fulfilled anything in the Kyoto protocol. However, it is not only a matter of what the others do: what are you doing? Are you sitting in front of your computer and at the same time thinking about which new toy you wanna to take back home or thinking you wanna a drive to have some fresh air? It is the luxury living style of people lead to the crackdown of the world (and certainly the population as well).

Save the earth in all aspect as much as we can! Try not to buy too much stuff, try to use public transport, try not to drive……Try to save everything you could and try not to waste anything you have. (btw, I don’t even have a driving license coz I think, if you have a choice it is immoral to drive)

Ask not what the government can do for the environment, ask what you can do for the world. We as a whole to save the world.