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If there is no farmer, there will be no food and we are going to starve to death.

Is that true? Well, we have fisherman and hunter other professions to gather food for human consumption. So, we won’t, technically, starve to death if there is no farmer. But we won’t have enough food to support our population if there was no farmer. So, some of us would have to fast or even dead.

Farmers are very important but why aren’t they making millions?

This is a very good question.

We have developed tremendous knowledge in growing crops, herding animals and made all the machines, equipment, chemicals, irrigation system to secure the food production. What does it mean? It means food is important, but the mere presence of food itself is not enough, we need to deliver the food to people who need it. Imagine there is an orange in the wild and there is no one to pick it up. It will wait until it rots without bringing any benefit to a single person. If someone who gathered all these orange and transport them to where people live in and give them (for free or for a fee), the orange could benefit some people who eat it. The orange itself is not farmed and is produced by Mother Nature. Now the gatherer himself generated value out of no where (or nature). Should we reward the gatherer? Probably everyone would agree upon this. So, the thing is the one who delivered the food should also be rewarded!

The question is who should be rewarded more, the one who produced the food or the one who delivered the food? The answer lies on which one is more difficult! Well, apparently delivering or distributing food is more difficult than farming! Why is that? Imagine if you were farming orange tree for example, you need to know about kinds of orange, irrigation, fertilizers, pest and pesticides, how to grow and when to harvest the orange. That’s all you need to know. But if you were the distributor, you need to put a bunch of stuff to attract customers and hopefully some of them would like to buy the orange. Not to mention how to pack and store the orange and sell them before they went rotted.

In short, getting the right person who needs the product is more important than how to make it in our society! At least, at the moment.

to be continued…