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When I was a child, I used to watch TV. Watching the animal running around and a random person come up can tell you what are those animals…..Yes, that person is called scientist and the program is called Nat Geo.

Certainly, I used to watch all other wild animal channel and whatnot….although my English was too bad to understand anything back in the time and I rely on the subtitle to understand what it was about.

I haven’t thought about be a part of them because my academic result was not good. I repeated my last year of high school and took the exam again by studying myself.

Unluckily, I got into university. It is Chemistry, the subject I was the best at. It was not biology because the English is way too difficult and all stuff are too random.

I chose Chemistry because that was the only hope for me to get into university.

I have never thought about going to graduate school. When I was in undergraduate, I thought being graduate student and be teaching assistant was very cool.

I took the “research course” (which was like final year project) and I enjoyed a short time of “research life”, doing experiments and understanding the cutting edge stuff. Everything is interesting when you are doing something you try to understand. Organic synthesis the thing I like, especially after I worked on porphyrin (yes, I still know how to spell it!). It can be used in photodynamic therapy for cancer.

I was (and still am) not good in doing exam. My experience in research was not up to par and more importantly, my grades are not good. No one was taking me into graduate school. I worked for a year in business and I know there is something more exciting out there, which is called research.

Later I worked in a Chemical Engineering research lab. It was the best experience I have ever had (until now). However, I wished to work on synthetic related research, like drug related research, like cancer related ones.

My master studied started 2 years after I worked in Chemical Engineering research. It was a total failure. I did not know how to do the actual thing. What could possible be working? I read more than 10 books related to the topic which is called “gene delivery”, a branch of “gene therapy” which was possibly be used in cancer. I graduated my master because it is a master. You did not need anything useful or close to one…

I decided to study aboard, I wanted to see the world. I came to Canada and started my PhD on “siRNA delivery”. Similar stuff but siRNA is smaller. It was a failure in the first 2 years. Everything I designed were not working. Later, because I understand the materials and the constraints more. I know I HAVE to publish to graduate and I NEED new (novelty!!) stuff. I worked on something rather unusual, proof of concept and certainly, blending all “new” stuff together……it worked….

Yes, I inhibited the growth of a mouse cancer.

I wanted to quit academia.