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Research is the most romantic on the earth.

Explore the truth! Pick a method to see if it worked and decide what to do next. When you make something work according to the literature, you felt the connections with those researchers. When you did not make it work, you try another method and always wonder and expect what is coming next.

Research always surprises you.

Anyhow, it is a way to make a live.

To few people, it is a pursuit of dream. To the most people, it is a way to feed themselves.

Good scientists make science, most scientists make a live on science.

My supervisors had not liked me, until they got the result they wanted. One asked me to find another lab, the other one asked me to switch to master.

Research life is not easy, it never is.

There are way too many students want to get a position than the funding that could possibly support. Any supervisor who are result-oriented and merciless enough may fire a student in the name of lazy or not up to par. He knows your advisory committee, he knows the people in the department. Which one would you believe in? The supervisor or the student?

How to get good data? It is the central question…..It is not how to get consistent or reliable data, it is to get the data your supervisor wanted.

I once suffered from insomnia for a month. It is called publish or perish.

As a supervisor, his duty is to publish. If he did not get the data he wanted and fit into his next grant application, as a powerless student, your life will be miserable.

The worst part was, most supervisors do not know the most updated knowledge. I cannot say it is entirely their fault. They need to teach, mentor students, sit in advisory committee, exam thesis, publish, revise paper, connect with old fellows and ask for updated manuscript, check numerous emails, write grants applications, manage animal protocols, do other random administrative stuff the university or department asked to, and any random stuff happen in the lab……basically, unless you are a superhuman or spend 100 hours a day (?), it is impossible to finish the work.

Given we are not superhuman and we do not have 100 hours a day, how do those professors finish their day?

If you were given one hundred dollar to buy a car, you would get something worth one hundred dollar. It is highly likely you are going to get a bicycle.

Seriously, who would like to work like a professor?