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It is a good time to bring this up….

Obama’s pull their army from Iraq without a plan resulted ISIS and the Syrian mess. Does he proved the worth of a Nobel Prize in Peace?

He has done nothing but to keep peace possible?

Failing to plan is planning to fail. That’s exactly what is happening of Obama’s plan in middle east.

The weak Iraq government and the messy geo-political situation led to the civil war and ISIS was benefited from the civil war. The Arab Spring spread to Syria and led to a Civil war which attracted ISIS to take advantage of it.

The states have not done enough to prevent all these from happening. Bush made a mistake to get rid of Saddam Hussein and Obama made a worse mistake to leave the mess behind.

Seriously? That’s the way how peace be maintained in middle east? The Kurds, conflict between Sunni and Shia and the state of Palestine……Does it make sense to just leave it like this without an exit plan?

It is bad to put the troops in middle east but it is even worse to pull them away without someone which could lead and bring peace to the place.